Ministry Structure

We have divided our ministry into three areas of focus; Finance, Facility & Administration, Spiritual Life & Care, and Christian Education.   These areas are then pulled together and guided by the Leadership Team.  The diagram below is a visual representation of our ministry structure.  To read more about each area and those who are associated with them, click on the appropriate heading on the right.

Leadership Team

This team works to further the church’s overall mission of being a community of disciples who seek to learn, live and share Christ’s example and teachings.

Members of the Leadership team are:

Pastor – Rev. Miriam Baez

Moderator – Louise Plack

Vice-Moderator – Mark Clark

Church Clerk – Debbie Clark

Assistant Church Clerk – open

Treasurer – Michael Desautels

Facility, Finance & Administration Coach – Rob Bunnell & Cameron Champlin

Spiritual Life and Care Coach – Robin Danielson

Christian Education Coach – Kerry Holloway

Finance, Facility & Administration

This group manages the church’s finances and maintains the church’s buildings and grounds.

The teams and leaders for Finance Facility & Administration are:

Finance, Facility & Administration Coach – Rob Bunnell & Cameron Champlin

Buildings, Grounds & Construction Coach – Mark Clark

  • Mike Benjamin
  • Bill Calabro
  • Mike Desautels

Finance Team Coach – Michael Desautels

  • Treasurer – Michael Desautels
  • Assistant Treasurer – Cameron Champlin
  • Financial Secretary – John E. Danielson
  • Assistant Financial Secretary – Marian Rolfe
  • Trust Fund Officer – Wade Scannell
  • Treasurer of Special Funds – Sylvia Maddox
  • Assistant Treasurer of Special Funds – Robin Danielson

Christian Education

This team works to help further the Christian education of all members of Quaker Hill Baptist Church.

The teams and leaders of the Christian Education Team are:

Christian Education Team Coach – Kerry Holloway

  • Sunday School –
  • Child Care (Nurseries) – Bethany Gaetano
  • Children’s Church– Mandie Middleton
  • Vacation Bible School– Mandie Middleton
  • Camp Wightman – Robin Danielson
  • Youth Ministry –

Spiritual Life & Care

This group works to promote spiritual health and community fellowship in Quaker Hill Baptist Church.

The teams and leaders of Spiritual Life & Care are:

Spiritual Life & Care Coach – Robin Danielson

Pastoral Partners – Jennifer Holloway

Adopt-A-Family – Robin Danielson

Historical – Kerry Holloway

Hospitality – Robin Danielson

Music – Debbie Clark

Pastoral Relations Team

  • Team Leader – Mandie Middleton

Publicity – Renee Hughes

Flower Committee

  • Team Leader – Mary Ellen Kane
  • Marian Rolfe

Worship Team

  • Team Leader – Deb Clark
  • Mary Ellen Kane
  • Jen Holloway
  • Lorraine Hester
  • Terri Desautels
  • Cameron Champlin

Men’s Golf Club –

Missions – Robin Danielson

Pumpkin Fair

  • Robin Danielson
  • Terri Desautels

Nominating Team

This team develops a slate of nominees for the annual election of officers.  They also provide nominations to fill vacancies and to form special teams such as the Pulpit Team.

Nominating Team

  • Mary Ellen Kane
  • Deb Clark
  • Louise Plack

Pulpit Team

Pulpit Team

This team is only active during times when a pastoral search is needed.  They are responsible for the pastoral search and for selecting an interim pastor.