About Us

Quaker Hill Baptist Church is a friendly, family-oriented congregation with a history that spans almost two centuries. We have upheld a tradition of growing and changing with the times, while maintaining our place as a community church.

At Quaker Hill Baptist we offer a personal style of ministry and caring for each member and friend of our congregation. The church has a focus on providing quality worship, education, service and fellowship opportunities for everyone. We represent a community where people of all ages, races and theological backgrounds can come explore God’s will and place for them. An important part of our ministry is an emphasis on reaching out to our community and across the globe with God’s love. In addition to collecting regular mission offerings, running food and clothing banks for those in need, we have sent volunteers from our congregation to Tanzania and Haiti.  We have also sponsored the building of a house for Habitat for Humanity, and sent 3 teams to the Gulf Coast to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

At Quaker Hill Baptist Church we are serious about building the Kingdom of God on earth. We welcome you to become a part of our church family. Come explore how sharing faith and fellowship can enrich your life and spiritual journey!