February Fundraiser

From Louise:
I am running a February Fundraiser with my Touchstone Crystal to purchase a new industrial coffee maker and new plants for the Memorial Garden. I am donating my commission from the purchases.

Here is how it works:

· Grab a catalog, the order forms and a flier with the QR code to the shop link. People can give you the order for me to process or they can order on the link http://www.touchstonecrystal.com/B1GCPDVP

They can text me, or message me with questions Louise Papineau 860 367 1158.

· Show it to everyone and hand out the flier to everyone! Friends, family, coworkers,

· All orders will be shipped directly to the customer.

Join, or have them join the Fundraiser Group for videos and photos: https://www.facebook.com/groups/5481414165221809

The person who brings in the most orders will WIN an ice bracelet from me as a Thank You!

The second place winner will get a wrap bracelet!

The third top seller will get a pair of earrings!
We will start the fundraiser today February 5 and end February 27th,

Open photo
This QR Code can be scanned to open the shop link:

For the Quaker Hill Baptist Church Fundraiser!

Orders due by February 27, 2022.

Questions? Call or text Louise @860 367 1158

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