Yard Sale!

July 10, 9am-3pm Quaker Hill Baptist Church is having a Yard Sale! Items available include books, puzzles, kids/baby toys, small furniture and glassware. Purchase hot dogs and burgers for lunch or enter a drawing from 11:30-12:30pm to win a free burger or dog! There will be no early bird sales but from 2pm until closing people can fill a box with whatever items are left for a discounted price!

There will also be raffles including one for a $25.00 gift certificate for the Natural Food Store, 21 Hope Street, Niantic, CT, www.naturalfs.com. Tickets for the Natural Food Store raffle will be given to people who answer one of 11 Quaker Hill Baptist Church historical trivia questions correctly! The questions will be posted periodically on the Quaker Hill Baptist Church Facebook Page from now until July 10. To enter the raffle, present your answers at the Yard Sale on July 10 in person. The more correct answers you have the more chances you earn to win! For more event information contact Robin Danielson at daniro78@hotmail.com or call Quaker Hill Baptist Church’s office at 860-442-8856.

Historical Trivia Questions (Questions will be posted here after they are initially posted on the Quaker Hill Baptist Church Facebook page.)

1) What year did the Connecticut legislature ratify a new constitution which ended the state sponsorship of the Congregational Church and provided full religious freedom for Connecticut citizens?

2) When was the Connecticut Baptist Convention formed?

3) Who did the Connecticut Baptist Convention appoint, shortly before 1835, as the reverend to what we now know as Quaker Hill Baptist Church?

4) What was the original name of Quaker Hill Baptist Church?

5) Who donated the property so Quaker Hill Baptist Church could be constructed?

6) What Norwich firm designed and built the first Quaker Hill Baptist Church building?

(Hint all answers are in the about us section under history.)

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